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Best Bottle Warmer

If you are looking for the best bottle warmer, you have come to the right place. Please read our bottle warmer reviews to know more.

A bottle warmer is an appliance that’s used to heat up a bottle of cold formula milk or frozen breast milk to the optimal temperature so that he/she will get to enjoy the taste as that of freshly-made heated milk. A bottle warmer is a versatile appliance since besides the ability to heat up milk bottles of different shapes (such as angled, narrow and wide) and sizes (such as short and tall), it can also be used to heat up standard baby food jars for consumption. There are 5 types of bottle warmers: car, “feeding-system”, flask, portable and standard. A car bottle warmer comes with a webbing strap or wrap (to hold the milk bottle) as well as an adapter that can be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter to warm up the milk to the required temperature. A “feeding-system” bottle warmer operates just like that of a standard type but also comes with a cooler section to keep two filled milk bottles chilled until they are ready to be warmed. A flask bottle warmer comes with a deep lid to hold the milk bottle as well as boiling water (poured from an inner flask) to warm milk to the needed temperature. A portable bottle warmer allows mom and/or dad to warm up a milk bottle at any place, even when they are out of the house although it will take longer than usual to heat up to the optimal temperature. A standard bottle warmer comes with a central vessel incorporating built-in heating element that heats up a single milk bottle and water in it to the appropriate temperature.


Top 3 Best Bottle Warmers

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer Reviews

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is a perfect product for new moms and it is compact in design. It is able to heat the majority of bottles in an instant manner, including angled, straight and wide-necked bottles and even those that are disposable in nature. It can also be used to warm a jar containing baby food. You also get an auto shut-off feature in this modern and stylish bottle warmer for additional safety. It is useful for warming up jars containing baby food and baby milk bottles. You can use various kinds of bottles in this unit.

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is very easy to use and all that you need to do is plug it in and add some water. Next, you can place a jar or a bottle within and press the button marked “On”. Your baby food or milk will be made ready in as little time as 5 minutes and at an ideal temperature. Then you can go on to heat another jar or bottle although you have to wait for a good 10 minute time in between the reheats.

In order to warm the bottle, all that you have to do is make use of the easy to read grid and water dropper in order to get the appropriate quantity of water into the warmer which can be found on the grid. When the bottle is ready to be inserted into the bottle warmer, you will find that a gentle light is displayed and once the bottle has been warmed the light will turn off. In this manner, you will be able to fill the bottle warmer in an easy manner and make use of non-disturbing whistles as well as various other measures which can be noticed on bottle warmers from various other brands.

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is not really faster than a microwave. However, it works just as easily as a microwave and you do not have to be worried about your baby encountering a hot spot in the center of the bottle.

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer will help you warm baby food and bottles in an easy manner and at consistent temperatures. It has an easy to use design and it is safe enough. It is able to do the warming job in a quick manner and if your baby is hungry, you will not have to make him wait for a long time.

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer comes with a quick serve feature and this helps the warmer to heat any bottle immediately. Whether the bottle is wide necked, angled, disposable or straight, it hardly matters to the Warmer. This unit is compatible with bottles of any type and shape. You can also use this unit to heat up baby food easily. It consists of a basket for water droppers and baby food jars. For measuring purposes, it comes with an easy to read grid. It is able to heat up bottles with the aid of steam in a clean and safe manner. You will not have to worry about inconsistent temperatures. The steam will help warm the food actually. If you are heating up baby food, you can be assured that the nutritional goodness will be maintained.

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer boasts of an auto shut off feature which ensures that you will not have to leave the unit turned on by accident. You would have been at risk of overheating the baby food without this feature.

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is undoubtedly one of the most versatile units that you can get for warming baby food jars and bottles. It is able to heat up any type of bottle evenly and quickly – whether it is angled, straight, disposable or wide-necked. It makes use of a simple measuring system and steam heat to warm up any bottle to a perfect temperature. In a matter of a few minutes, you will be able to heat your baby bottle to the perfect temperature. You will not have to worry about loss of nutrients or hot spots due to microwaving. The auto operation and shut off features ensure that you can attend to your little one while the bottle is warming up.


  • The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is perfect for moms who want to heat a bottle at a time. It operates in a fast manner and you will not have to wait for a long duration before your bottle is warmed up. Given the fact that this warmer is small and has a compact design ensures that it takes up only a small amount of counter space. You can store it quite well in a pantry or in a cupboard. The auto shut off feature makes sure that you do not end up warming your bottle too much or forget the fact that you turn the unit on.
  • When the unit has finished warming, the indicator light informs you about it. It operates in a quick manner and no sound is emitted which ensures that your sleeping little one is not woken up. You can use steam heat in order to warm up every bottle. It offers a warming pattern which is much more even and you will never have to worry about sudden cold spots.
  • The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is inexpensive in nature and can be purchased in less than $20.


  • There are no negative points about the First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer as such. Some buyers have said that they found it more difficult to warm jars of baby food than the instructions mention it would.


The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer consists of multiple features and for the low price tag that it comes in, it is a great value for money product. It is available online as well as in leading retailer stores.

Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer Reviews

The Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer is a new electric steam warming system which can effectively warm food jars and bottles for babies. Parents love the warmer given the fact that it is designed to fit the majority of bottle and can warm baby bottles in an efficient manner. It makes use of steam in order to quickly and gently warm bottles for your baby to a proper temperature. This is a compact warmer by design and it comes with an electric cord which be stored beneath the warmer.

You can easily be able to use the Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer. This is quite compact and convenient. It can save a lot of time where the heating of baby bottles is concerned. This warmer can be a perfect alternative to heating baby bottles over the stove. As compared to using a microwave, it is a much safer option. As it is a steam heated device, you can be assured that a safe temperature will be maintained within the bottle on a consistent basis.

The bottle warmer comes with a keypad that can easily be operated. It consists of a cycle memory and you can easily use it when you are in a hurry. If the device detects that you have not used it in 10 minutes, it will shut itself automatically and ensure safety. The Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer fits every size of Dr Brown’s bottle and even if you have bottles of more than one style, you will not need to worry about anything as there are various bottle warmers that the device supports.

As compared to other bottle warmers, the water supply of this warmer does not need to be refilled after each use. You can instead wait and choose to replenish it after a few uses.

The Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer is able to warm baby food jars and bottles of numerous sizes. The warmer, for the convenience of parents, comes with a water chamber that is refillable. You will be able to warm several bottles prior to the time when you need to replenish the water chamber. There is an easy to read LCD control panel in the device. Irrespective of what your eye level is, you can find the bottle warmer allowing you the ability to see the controls in an easy manner.

An audible alarm on the LCD display of the bottle will notify you when the warmer is ready. The warmer has been built to keep the heating time in memory. Your preferred heating time will go on to be repeated in the cycle memory as you go on using the bottle warmer.

The Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer makes use of steam for heating purposes and is effective and safe. The buttons function similar to a microwave. Naturally, you will not have any confusion in setting the time. You can view the blue LED light from afar and even in the dark. Naturally, the warmer is safe and easy to operate even in that respect.

The bottle warmer also gives you a visual count regarding the time and you can exactly know how long it will take to heat milk or whatever you are warming up. You can also get an additional, handy water container and after a few uses you will be able to replace and clean it without any difficulty. The bottle warmer top is not safely locked or latched and this means you need to keep it out of the reach of your babies. It will also be much easier to use for you.

The basket is removable and you can flip it. This will help reduce the depth of the warmer and you can use it with shorter bottles.

As this bottle warmer is a one-size-fits-all variety, you can use it conveniently. Its removable and adjustable basket accommodates all small jar, baby food container and baby bottle sizes. The heating chamber top has a hinged lid and remains closed always during a warm cycling. Due to this reason, the steam stays within the Warner and you get safer and more efficient heating in less time.

The Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer warming cycle is user programmable. In other words, the perfect heating time can be ascertained depending on the bottle size and the starting temperature of the formula. You can also store the heating time in the memory of the unit. The 1-button start function makes it faster for you to warm the bottle.


  • The Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer provides perfect temperatures for the beverages and food of your baby. The cycle memory and 1-button operation of the Warmer is featured by a LCD control which is programmable. The unit turns of automatically after 10 minutes of non use. You can set the time and turn the Warmer off by using a 4-button digital keypad.
  • When turned on, the LCD of the Warmer shows the “last time programmed” information in the memory. After the LCD timer countdown occurs and the heating cycle comes to a halt, the LCD flashes after an audible 5-beep alarm beeps.
  • You do not need to refill the water container after each use as it is a large one. You can warm up several jars or bottles before you need to refill the reservoir. You should, in fact, add water to the tank only after every 6-12 cycles of bottle warming.


  • One problem with the Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer is the fact that it can be a little tough to clean. You have to get the accumulated substance out by using some elbow grease and a cotton bud.


The Dr Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer has been designed and developed to make life easier for new parents and offer them a safe and reliable way to warm the food jars and bottles of their babies. The product comes with a warranty of 1 year but is designed to last beyond that time. You will love to use this product and can safely go for it.

Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer Reviews

The Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer helps you to safely and quickly warm up formula, bottles and jars of all sizes, foods contained within storage bags and more. This is the only warmer which has specifically been designed as per all the guidelines laid down by the Centers of Disease Control or CDC as well as the USDA to warm and thaw breast milk in a safe manner by making use of warm water which is flowing.

The Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer makes use of nutrient-safe water bath of low temperature which is safe for all types of bags and bottles. The water present in the warmer is approximately as warm as water from taps. It can help you to warm the meal of your baby without exposing bottles and bags to boiling water, dangerous steam or even microwave. The device makes use of patent-pending technology and has been particularly devised to obliterate the risks of nutrient damage, hot spots and toxic chemicals which can be released by plastic bottles at peak temperatures.

The warmer has been designed to reheat stored formula and breast milk as slowly as possible. This ensures that all precious nutrients stay well. The Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer has been created by a team of MIT graduates and the warmer makes use of low-temperature water bath in order to warm your milk up in a fast manner. As it makes use of low temperature, neither boiling water nor steam can cause damage to the nutrients in your breast milk. Your baby will not encounter any unpleasant issues caused by any hot spots.

As the warmer makes use of only warm and not hot water, your baby will be at no risk due to toxic chemicals released from plastic bags or bottle that you use in order to store milk. Naturally, your baby will be drinking pure and safe formula or milk, just like he is supposed to.

It is easy to set up the Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer, when taken out of the box. You need only a small amount of counter space and can make it ready within a matter of minutes. You can simply fill up the reservoir by filling up the bottle chamber with water. You can allow the water to drain and then repeat the process until the fill indicator located at the chamber underside is barely under water.

When you turn on the device, warm flowing water fills up the bottle chamber and surrounds the bottle. Once the time for warming is over, the chamber empties and you will find the bottle to be ready.

The time for warming differs on the basis of whether you are thawing milk or heating up frozen milk. It also depends on the milk volume contained within the bottle. When it comes to which setting you should use, you can refer to a printed chart within the instruction booklet which lists the estimated time for warming. However, it is still advised that you test the milk temperature prior to feeding your baby. You can find the warming chart given on the side of the Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer to be a more convenient reference.

There are no prizes for guessing that the Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer does an able job with bottle warming. It will automatically shut down when the heating is done, and you will not be in any danger of leaving the Warmer on. You will not need to measure water every time you use it, unlike what you have to do with other warmers. The warmer chamber is a good one and can handle any type of bottle. You can also set a timer about which detailed instructions have been provided in the chart that is provided.

After a few times of use, the warmer will be easy to handle for you. You can know the exact setting that you require. This is a great warmer overall for heating bottles up as well as bags and jars. It is quite simple to use.

Where it comes to cleaning and making the Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer work properly, there is some maintenance included. It is advised that you replace the water within the reservoir after every 2-3 days and de-scale the Warmer after every 2 months with a vinegar-water solution followed by fresh water rinse for 3 times. Although this is a slightly difficult process, it is obviously easier than the trouble of heating up milk every time with the dual pot method. Unlike the dual pot method, you can do it once the baby is fed and he is snoring happily.


  • Setting up the Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer out-of-the-box is quite easy. You can assemble the unit within a few minutes and it takes up only a small amount of counter space. It is as simple to use as any microwave. It makes use of the SAFEHealTM patent pending technology which allows warming at great speeds by making use of lower temperature water bath which ensures the safety of the nutrients contained within breast milk. It also does away with the risk of overheating due to the presence of an in-built timer.
  • When compared with standard warmers, the Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer allows faster, easier, safer and more precise warming.


  • The Warmer is slightly expensive and unless you abide by the instructions contained in the booklet you may encounter risks of overflowing. There is also a lack of sound indicator in this warmer which can notify you when the bottle is going to be made ready.


The Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer is a convenient and safe device. Due to the use of SAFEHeat technology, it is able to prevent hot spots and does not cause any nutritional damage to the milk. There are no risks of any release of dangerous chemicals from plastic bottles to the milk on being subjected high temperatures.

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