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A garment steamer, also known as a clothes or fabric steamer is an appliance that outputs continuous steam so as to refresh and remove wrinkles from clothes, coats, curtains, dresses, fabrics (such as satin and silk) and/or garments efficiently for crisp and presentable appearance. A garment steamer comes with a built-in powerful (1300-watt – 1500-watt) heating element at the base to heat up the water that’s stored in the removable water tank (about 40-ounce to 100-ounce capacity) to steam quickly (in about 1-2 minutes) which will then rise through the flexible rubber tube and out through the wide steam nozzle for (1 to 2 hours) steaming purposes. A garment steamer also comes with an adjustable telescopic pole that extends up to 5 feet for optimal user comfort, clothes hanger hook to hang garments for easy steaming as well as rolling casters or swiveling wheels for easier movement from place to place.


Top 3 Best Garment Steamers

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer Reviews

Steamfast is a reputed company that manufactures amazing appliances for homes, and it makes steam power achievable for all customers. The SF-407 series comprises of garment steamers of professional quality with inexpensive price tags. The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer is part of this series and it is recommended for taking care of garments at home. This lightweight commercial steamer has been designed for daily use. With the help of steam power, the SF-407 can bring new life into your clothes and rid them of unpleasant wrinkles and creases. The device is one of the top rated steamers and it has got lots of accolades and appreciation from users.


The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer is able to clean and steam garments without making use of tetrachloroethylene, which is a dry cleaning chemical. The chemical is used widely by professionals working in the dry cleaning industry. Following use, the chemical leaves behind a residual odor on the surface of garments. Tetrachloroethylene is listed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a possibly hazardous fluid. Hot steam is a natural substitute for dry cleaning fluid, and it is an effectual way of killing dust mites, bed bugs, germs and bacteria and reducing allergens.

Due to its streamline design, this device can maintain a non-cluttered laundry room. Although it has a large base, the whole device can be decently stored away in the back space of your closet. The device consists of a grounded, 3 prong electrical plug along with a 6.2 foot cord. The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer makes use of 1500 watts of power and it can hold 1183ml (40 ounces) of water with a heating time of 45 seconds. It can offer constant steam for 45 minutes in total. It measures 64.76 H x 11.81 L x 8.07 W in dimensions, and it is available with a telescopic pole having a height of up to 51.18 inches. The entire device has a weight of 8.2 pounds.

The unit has a competitive price tag. It is lightweight and is well-constructed. The device has a good size and it can be stored quite easily. Its telescopic garment-hanging pole can be collapsed and when it is not being used, you can store the entire unit in a pretty compact manner. It usually takes around half-a-minute to begin steaming. The time taken is often even lesser. The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer can give steam for as long as 45 minutes with its 1-¼-quart water tank.

The accessories of the Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer comprise of a clothes hanger with hook, rolling casters, fabric brush and a press pad. Other than these accessories, you may order the replacement parts directly from Steamfast – and these include pole top hanger, drain plug, steam hose and pole coupling.


  • An effective steamer, the Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer is truly a must-have for any home. Compared to a standard steamer, it is much quicker in its operations. Unlike an ordinary iron, it is able to perform various functions – like smoothing the wrinkles of clothes – within a few seconds. It can act in a gentle and soft manner on your clothes, without burning them up accidentally. You can use this steamer for garments made of soft fabrics and even on upholsteries, drapes and other heavier materials. This is a major advantage, considering the fact that lots of other steamers lack this feature.
  • The steamer comes with an affordable price tag and it is much less costly to use and preserve as compared to the costs of using and maintaining professional dry cleaners. Unlike an iron, it does not leave a shiny finish or any scotch marks on fabrics of black color. The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer runs on 1500 watts and it can heat up just after 45 seconds. After this, it is able to run straight for 45 minutes as the capacity of the water tank is actually able to reach 40 ounces. This only means that you will be able to give all those multiple trips to the sink a miss. You will not have to fill up your water tank again after every few minutes and can continue to clean various surfaces and floors.
  • The device is usually gentler with fabric and it is less likely to cause any damage to the quality of the clothes that you love. The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer comes with a removable water tank, which is one reason you do not have to strain yourself in carrying the entire unit with all its weight. You can continue to straighten and clean your garments.
  • The device comes fitted with rolling casters, and when you require cleaning up things that are spread out all across your home you will not have any problems in transporting the unit. Even in case you need to move up and down your stairs, you will not experience any problems. Given the fact that this is a bulky product, the little wheels at its bottom can ensure that your arms and back are not pained. You can carry the Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer easily about your home.


The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer is a good one, but has a few negatives where its performance is concerned. Firstly, the water from this unit steams for only about 3 clothes before a refill is needed. However, in order to steam each item, you need only a few minutes. Secondly, there is no steam release button in the unit and there is no way to discontinue or stop the steam. It is actually a continuous flow.


The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer is an amazing product, and comes from Steamfast which ensures that it is an amazing fabric steamer. The device exceeds all expectations about performance and its pros far outweigh its cons. Although there is nothing called perfect steamer, this one comes pretty close. All in all, this device has managed to satisfy many people. This is a steamer with a competitive price and it is much less costly to use and maintain as compared to various professional dry cleaners in the market.

Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamer Reviews

The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamer is a lightweight steamer that is regarded as one of the most convenient and efficient units that can presently be found on the market. It is one of the highest rated steamers that can be availed today. In case you are searching for a sturdy and durable steamer to take care of your garments, this is undoubtedly the device that you should get for your home. It can quickly press the wrinkles over your drapes, upholstery and garments.


The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamer gives you a performance that is unmatchable in the industry. It is available with easy mobility caster wheels, removable water tank, 62 inch hanging rod and 6 inch wide head comprising of high velocity steaming jets. It boasts of 1300 watts of steaming power and can provide 1 hour of steaming power. It is available with a warranty period of 1 year.

The device is ideal for smoothing the wrinkles of even the toughest quality fabrics. It is also robust enough in removing allergens and odors from draperies, freshening upholstery, removing all traces of grime from grouts and ceramic tiles as well as destroying bed bugs. The Jiffy J-2000 Garment Steamer also comes with an attachment which can help you to clean grime and dirt with the help of only steam power.

The unit comes with an extremely flexible 51/2 foot hose having as many as 4 steam heads which can be interchanged. It makes use of 1300 watts of steaming power. It comprises of a lightweight hose which should be kept in an erect posture, so that the condensation that is gathered can flow back into it. The Jiffy J-2000 Garment Steamer can easily be filled, but the old and dirty water in it has to be replaced on a periodic basis. It is recommended that cleaning is done every 3 – 6 months in order remove accumulated sediment and hard-water deposits.

The device is able to heat up in only a minute and you can then begin to use the durable and sturdy casters. You will be able to press garments and drapes while hanging them in your own closets. The loop of the top surface of the amazingly constructed aluminum rod of the steamer is also good enough to hand clothing and garments on. You can screw the rod together with the Jiffy J-2000 Garment Steamer to stand for approximately 62 inches on the top of the floor. In case you wish to store the unit, there is also a holder where the rod can act as a wand.

The unit also comes with a decent on and off switch. It can also automatically shut itself off in case it so requires. The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamer can easily be stored and you can easily fold and store it in a small space. Thus, it can fit itself into a smaller space and remain out of your way until you wish to use it once again.


  • The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamer can smooth all wrinkles and leave your garments appearing brand new within a short time period. It can easily be used and stored. The device comes with a robust 1300 watt steam power and it is ideal for steaming garments like tee shirts. With an iron box, you might not be able to smooth the creases and lines of your clothes in as effective a manner. Its 3/4 gallon water tank is excellent for usage over a longer duration when you need to steam many clothes.
  • The device has not been made out of plastic. This ensures that it can last for a longer duration and provide you with a better service than a lot of its rivals. This is particularly true for its metal head of the Jiffy J-2000 Garment Steamer, which stands in contrast to the plastic heads of many other similar units which need to be held together after regular use for a few months.
  • The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamer is truly compact and light in weight. Naturally, you can get a lot of space to keep other items in your luggage bag. As this is a handheld device, it is good that it comes with a cool-to-touch outer housing which ensures that you will not end up injuring yourself while you are in a hurry. Although the steamer does not give your garments an iron-pressed appearance, it is amazing at getting rid of wrinkles without a lot of effort on your part. It is able to take care of thicker fabrics and even works well on delicate fabrics. It will not end up damaging your valuable clothes or leave any water stains over them.
  • The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamer comes with instructions that can easily be followed, in order to use the unit quite conveniently. This is very useful for many people who are not used to handling a steamer for ironing out wrinkles from their garments. They can simply follow the manual containing the easy-to-follow instructions and be able to use the device well enough in a short while. The device consists of a plastic base that is 14-1/2 inches deep, 11 inches wide and17 inches high. This fabric steamer is available with a product warranty of 1 year which extends coverage from defects.


  • The only drawback about the Jiffy J-2000 Garment Steamer is the fact that you may require some time to learn about the proper way of using the unit.


The Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Personal Clothes Steamer is overall a handy and quite useful device which deserves a place in your home. It is worth going for as it is able to deliver what it promises and can save your expenses on dry-cleaning. It is a device worth purchasing and it is easy to use and can provide you with fast and effective results all the while that you use it. The device offers all that you would want in a portable steamer. It is highly recommended, and you will not be disappointed if you purchase it for ironing out your precious garments.

Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer Reviews

The Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer is an amazing device which comes from the stable of Rowenta, one of the number one manufacturers of high quality garment steamers in the market. Rowenta is known for offering products which are a blend of innovative design and advanced technology, and this device keeps the reputation of the firm intact. The Rowenta IS6200 is a full size garment steamer which is perfect for steaming garments and making your home look perfect. You will be able to obtain professional results and get your clothes as well as accessories in proper shape.


The Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer has been tailor-made to get rid of odors and creases from all types of fabrics – even delicate ones. It makes use of a robust vertical steam emission of 30g per minute. This robust emission of steam can smooth out even the minutest creases on the buttons and creases with ease, without exposing your precious garments to potentially dangerous soleplates or hot metal. It also comes with a fast 60 second heat up time. For easy cleaning purposes, the manufacturer has made its 2.4L water tank removable in design.

The built-in hanger of the device comes with rotating pants clips for the purpose of steaming of the garments. It has a telescopic pole which can collapse easily to make storage more convenient. The IS6200, much like a suitcase having a handle, can be easily tilted back onto the back wheels and rolled. The device can automatically switch off in case its tank gets empty. The accessories of the Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer comprise of crease attachment, lint pad and a fabric brush for delicates. There is a foot pedal along with an indicator light which can be used to turn on and off the IS6200. The removable and transparent tank of the device is able to hold tap water of up to 81 ounces.

The Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer has a weight of 15 pounds and comes with a simple design. It can easily be used in order to remove all wrinkles from garments, curtains and various other cloths. The large and removable 81-ounce tank can easily be filled up. As it is transparent in design, you can easily see the level of water in it at any time. It has a telescopic pole which can easily adjust for varied height jobs, and you can move it easily from one place to another. The in-built dual system hanger can be perfect for you in case you wish to steam your shirts ad also your hanging garments. The device can be operated quite conveniently as it comes with foot operated pedals. It has an extremely superior High Steam Output which can help you to heat the steamer up in only a minute.

The unit consists of a cord reel and foot activated on/off switch which can be extremely useful for you. There is also an adjustable telescopic pole which can slide down easily for compact storage. The Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer runs on regular tap water and can heat up in less than 1 minute – which is quick enough. It is able to produce steam continuously for a long time. Given the fact that it has a large water tank which is able to hold a gallon of water, it is able to continuously pump out hot steam for approximately 2.5 hours. This is surely a lot of time and you will hardly need to refill the tank at the time of cleaning.


  • People who hate ironing but do not wish to spend lots of money on dry cleaning are full of praise for the results that they obtain from this powerful steamer. It is able to heat up in 1 minute or even less and can produce ample steam which can effectively and quickly remove all wrinkles. It produces steam from the tank in only 1 minute. Once it attains the right temperature, the Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer is able to release a powerful jet of steam. The wide and large steam head and diffuser can help in removing wrinkles from clothes easier and faster. You can get better coverage over a larger area.
  • The Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer can safely and easily be used. It comprises of an in-built hanger as well as a number of several rotating garment clips. Naturally, you will be able to hang and also flip garments about quite easily at the time of steaming. Its handle has an ergonomic design and the hose boasts of a stay-cool feature which can prevent any accidental burns. The device can also shut itself off automatically when there is no water left in its tank. This can safeguard the unit as well as prevent fires.
  • It is also extremely easy to store the device. True to the name Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer, you will be able to pack all of the components into the body of the device while you are not using it. Its adjustable telescopic pole can be collapsed easily and the onboard tool storage panel allows you to store all of the accessories such as crease attachments, lint pad and fabric brush for delicates. Once you have stored everything, you can simply tilt the machine and roll it into a corner.


  • The Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer does not have many drawbacks. However, it comes with a higher price tag. Although you will obviously get all that you pay for, the cost can be a factor if you are looking for a budget buy. However, the product is so amazing that you can save some amount every month as you will not have to make visits to a dry cleaner and make high expenses.


Robust, long-lasting and quite easy to use, the Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Garment Steamer is undoubtedly one of the most amazing handheld garment steamers that can presently be found in the market. It is ideal for taking wrinkles off garments and its powerful performance can help you to combat tough wrinkles each and every day.

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