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Best Immersion Blender

If you are looking for the best immersion blender, you have come to the right place. Please read our immersion blender reviews to know more.

An immersion blender or hand blender is a small kitchen appliance with a long shaft (8-inch to 12-inch) that’s used to blend ingredients, puree soups or whisk up cream inside a bowl, pan or other container conveniently. Immersion blenders come in 2 types: cordless (less powerful) or electric (more powerful) and the choice in choosing one over the other solely depends on your everyday blending needs. When choosing an immersion blender for kitchen use, do take note of the price since it’s a reflection of the power and speed of the appliance. Naturally, the more powerful the immersion blender is, the more expensive it should be but it’s also powerful enough to blend almost any food, hard or soft so food preparation is faster. While most immersion blenders come with a simple 1 or 2 speed settings, the better ones tend to have up to 5 speed settings to give you more blending options for smoother results. An immersion blender is as good as the attachments attached to it so the least you should look out for is blending wand and wire whisk.


Top 3 Best Immersion Blenders

Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick Immersion Blender Reviews

Light blending tasks for food preparation can be done perfectly with the Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick Hand Blender that’s designed for one-handed operation for utmost simplicity without compromising on results. This best immersion blender from Cuisinart features powerful 200-watt motor for strength to blend any ingredients without much problem and comes equipped with unique blade (with protective guard to prevent splattering) to achieve even and smooth blending thus blending crepe batters or pureeing soup will achieve excellent results that make for satisfying taste when consumed. What’s fantastic about the Cuisinart CSB-75BC hand blender is that it’s built for simple one-handed operation with its easy-to-grip ergonomic handle, lightweight design as well as simple push-button controls incorporated while its long shape design provides easier access to any bowls, pans and/or pitchers thus offering utmost convenience when it comes to blending. For added convenience, the stainless steel blending shaft is dishwasher-safe for time-saving purposes and light wiping is enough to keep the smooth body clean. When you want to cut down on food preparation time, the Cuisinart CSB-75BC hand blender makes it all possible.


Across the world, the organization, Cuisine Art has spread their business. Their hand blenders add to the pride of any beautiful kitchen and to any delicious smoothie. There is hardly anyone who does not know about the hand blenders of this company. It works two times more powerfully on the food. Not only all the required features are here but also some other newly invented features are also included.

Height of this product is 14 inches long

The width of this hand blender is 2.13 inches.

Depth is 2.63 inches.

The weight of the product is 2.2 pounds

Minimum wattage 200 power is required for the blending to get done.

Every model of this blender comes with two power buttons (high and low), which help the users to have control over the whole blending process.

The stick is design in such a way that it can reach into pots, pitchers, and bowels easily for the extension of the option.

Comfortable designed grip provides the users with comfortable hold

Well technical design enables the users to have more control over blending

The blending process is operated with one touch control for easy and smooth blending.

Dishwasher safe blending shaft is included along. And that is why it is easy to clean up effortlessly.

This hand blender is completely new and technologically improved.


  • Advanced features enable the users to have a smooth technique for blending. The more improved the technology is, the better the blending result will be. Improved and advanced hand blenders are capable of delivering a total smooth result. All you have to do to get a smooth blending is to put the stick of the hand blender in the pot and turn on the power button. Then the result that will come out will be a smooth and even blend.
  • The height of the blender is 14 inches long and that is the reason it is so easy to use. There are so many hand blenders in the market, but because not all of them have a long stick they often fail to provide a smooth result. There have been reports over the less usefulness of other hand blenders. The stick that is the most important and essential part of a hand blender is much improved than the previous products of the owner company. What a user want is a smoothly grind and tasty blend of given ingredients. And since the stick of this product is long and well designed it can reach deep into the bottom.
  • Another important thing is grip of the hand blender. If the grip is not good enough then the users will fail to make the most of the blender. So it is important to mind the design of the grip panel. If the grip panel is well designed then there are chances that your mixture of different ingredients might bring a different taste. If you fail to hold tight the grip, there are chances that the hand blender will slip off your hand and you will face a massacre. To prevent this, engineers have invented this product with a great design.
  • To wash and clean the blender people are often found to put it inside a dishwasher. Dishwasher can break the beak of it and it may end up becoming useless. To prevent it, safe dishwasher shaft is included along with the hand blender. Due to the presence of the dishwasher safety shaft, this product is well secured.
  • It consumes less electricity. This product is a small one. It can be run with less amount of electricity supply. Other hand blenders usually consume on a great amount of electricity. But this product is able to provide a higher quality result with less consumption of electricity. That is the reason why this hand blender is so high on demand in the market.
  • This hand blender is a technically advanced product. It is designed to deliver a good result, the ingredients be whatever. Unlike other hand blenders this product is one touch controlling program. With just one touch on the power button, user can on and off the blender and with one touch they can control the circulation motion o the stick, with high and low option there.


  • Let us warn you about the cons that you may experience during the blending phase. There are not so much to say about the cons of this product. Only a few things should be mentioned to remind you that not any single product can come with only pros.
  • Be cautious during the blending of ingredients. Once you lose your focus from the operation you may face a problem. Once the hand blender slips off the hand, there may occur a lot of trouble regarding the blending phase.
  • There can be a chance of short circuit if you forget to switch off or unplug the wire of the product. So be very careful while you are using it and after each use.


If you ask any user of this hand blender product, they will confirm you on positive. This product is completely worthy of your pocket and time. You can buy this product with a blind eye. Buy it and use it one, and you will end up becoming a lover of this product.

Breville Control Grip BSB510XL Immersion Blender Reviews

Breville is the industry leading manufacturer and marketer of kitchen appliances, which was founded in 1932. They have manufactured many highest rated immersion blenders that are now available in the market. Many of them are manufactured for both commercial and home use; recently they have launched another commercially enthused immersion blender in the market that can be used in the home as well. This Breville Control Grip BSB510XL Immersion Blender is easy to grip and thus gives the freedom to the consumers to operate it with ease. Various models of blenders are nowadays available in the market that make it hard for the consumers to choose the right one that is efficient and alongside durable, which can serve her requirements well. Here the features of the blender will be elaborated which may guide the consumer to choose the perfect one for his needs.


It comes with repertories of unique features, and the special part about the immersion blender is its easy operating method.

The base is bell shaped and this unique shape including internal ribbing inhibits the suction for efficient blending and greater control.

The speed of the blending process can be adjusted; the pistol shaped ergonomic control grip is equipped with trigger operation.

To prelude the scratching of the pot it is equipped with non-scratch base.

The consumers like its ergonomic design and easy to operate feature.

Not any high-tech feature is equipped into it, but it is programmed with improved operating setting, with easy to understand operative system it can deliver various sort of jobs like blending, mixing and whipping.

The tall jar and powerful blade offers powerful combination that is efficient to carry out the job of blending.

The sturdy material of the tall jar is exceptionally lightweight. The taste of easy handling can be experienced by the user.

The blender can be replaced with several other kitchen tools and appliances like chopper, grinder, blender etc.

The most vital part of a blender is its blade that is equipped into it, as the vital job is done by it. If the blade is fragile then the blender cannot serve its duty no matter how much durable the other parts are. The blades must be sturdy as well as sharp but the shape must be perfect so that it cannot make scratch into the inner body of the container. As the bade is the vital part that’s why it must be scrutinized well,

The blade that is incorporated into this blender is quite hard-wearing, this extensive sweeping blades efficiently cut down the ingredients to transform them into a smooth creamy texture. The shape inhibits the level of friction that makes the life span of the container longer.

The shaft will be perfect to use as the user can clean it easily and also eradicate the risk of staining. The widespread base of the blender makes to reduce the suction of the embedded blade.

It can accomplish the task of blending with cyclonic speed.

It can be cleaned easily and staining will not be possible. The base of the blender is also wide and this feature is also utilized in their other stick blender models as well.

The chopping bowl is capable to consume 25 ounces, besides that unique whisk attachment that can be utilized for chopping different sorts of ingredients as well as to inherit air quickly into the several mixtures.

It is also equipped with controlled grip mechanism. Just by triggering the button the operation can be started, the blades including the attachments are constructed of stainless steel.


  • Chop, grind, and blend ingredients within short span of time.
  • Consume 25 ounce at once, the size of the container makes it possible to wrap the task within short time.
  • Removable and washable parts help to keep the container clean and hygiene.
  • Strong customer care team to guide the user.
  • Easy to attach and easy to remove equipment.
  • Take few seconds to attach the parts.
  • Comes in moderate size for easy storage.
  • Stylish look makes it eligible for showing off.
  • Reputation of the brand makes it a well buy.


  • Generally every machine comes with flaws that can be a major or minor, the minor flaws generally don’t have any sort of impact upon the mechanism and effectiveness of the machine. But like their previous commercial and household kitchen appliances, this time they have also managed to create a trouble for the critics who are engaged in finding out the cons of a machine. With the sophistication of manufacturing mechanism they have become successful to avoid any sort of flaws that can hurt the productivity of the immersion blender.
  • Without proper maintenance the blade may affected by rusts.
  • If you don’t wash it properly it may release bad odor further when you will try to blend ingredients through it.


Now the users don’t need to spend most of his time in between the four walls of the kitchen to whip, chop and cut the ingredients. You can do all the stuffs easily and within limited time with Breville immersion blender with control grip technology. The attachments that come with the package are also quite effectual. The lids and the container are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily without added hassle. If you start to follow an organic diet then this one is great help to you as while following an organic diet you need to grind, blend several organic foods like fruits, veggies to extract out their nutritional value. Its light weight makes it portable; you can carry it easily during your vacation. But you need to maintain it carefully and you must wash off the remaining to maintain the hygiene level. Without a second thought you are recommended to buy the product as regardless the difficulty of the task it will never disappoint you, and every given task would be carried on with precision and care.

Miallegro MiTutto 9090 Immersion Hand Blender Reviews

Everyday cooking is a hectic for some people, especially for those who are involved in a serious and busy profession. People often find it to be a burden in the path of enjoyment. Cooking is a fun itself though. Cooking includes many process and ingredients. A good cook always takes a clever way to accomplish his duty. He takes appropriate weapons and right measurement of ingredients. To add more ease to the task of cooking, Miallegro has introduced their new product in the market. It is made for multipurpose. Miallegro Mitutto 9090 Immersion Hand Blender, it is newly launched product. Though the name suggests that it is a hand blender, but it has many more tasks to do.


It is an incredible and unique product invented by Miallegro. Before this, they have produced a lot more similar products and all of them have garnered immense public appraisal for their quality performance. This all new hand blender has some specific features that are hardly to be found in any other of its kinds.

Small appliances include BPA free work bowls, for this reason it has become more comfortable and easier to store foods.

It is easy to clean because it comes with several different parts that are removable. After each use, one can easily remove the parts and wash them thoroughly.

Dishwasher safe parts are attached with the hand blender so that it might not get hampered and damaged while being washed inside the dishwasher.

The main body of the product and its parts are made with plastic, metal. polycarbonate.

Non slip base is included for the easy and safe use for the consumers belong to all age group

This product’s total weight is 2.600 pounds on the whole

Product height is about 16.500 cm

Warranty period is limited to 15 months

It has 5 blades, they are sharp and they have different shapes, designed for multi use. 5 sharp blades are meant for easy and smooth delivery of result.

It requires 550 watts to be performed. For it is an assembled product of different parts, this product is capable of delivering an outstanding result.

A measuring cup is given with it in order to make a perfect measure while blending.

Since it is built up with completely stainless steel, there is no worry that it will get stains of foods after each use.

Instruction manual is provided where minute and broad descriptions of the product and its parts are made with care.

Quick guide is also given for the new beginners. New beginners might face problems regarding the use of product, so keeping this fact in mind, there is a quick guide given.

Multipurpose blades are its unique feature that common and ordinary blenders do not have.

Blades are stainless as well. After every cut, there is no tension left as how to get the blades clean.

Turbo option is enabled

Chopper is provided to for the easy cut

Whisker is also given with it


  • When a product is assembled with so many features along, then it is for sure that it is bound to be a very useful and helpful product. Hand blenders are meant for easy use for all. In the busy life and tight schedule, cooking is considered no longer bliss nor a blessing. Rather it is a matter of hassle and hectic. Mitutto immersion hand blender is one of those fine and must equipments that you will feel undeniable to have instantly.
  • First of all, it should be mentioned that it is assembled with many parts. It comes with many different parts to make a helpful tool. For many assembled parts included, it is capable of providing the users with multiple functions.
  • The list of its performances includes chopping, mixing, grinding, blending, whisking, whipping, pureeing, cutting, ice breaking, mixing etc. For its multiple using it is highly on demand of public.
  • It is unlike other similar products in the market, easy to use
  • It is very easy to clean after each use of it
  • It has become so easy to store the food and make a perfect measure with the given beaker along
  • 4 times extra speed is provided and for this reason, this hand blender is so easy to handle for all.
  • A guide book for the new beginners is provided. Read it before you start the use of it.
  • Blending is so easy a task now with this hand blender.


  • Everything in this world comes with some cons. So this product has. Though they can be totally avoided and ignored. They are of minute value. In comparison with the pros this product is capable of providing, the cons are nothing.
  • While using this hand blender you have to be always cautious. It has been mentioned before that this product contain 5 blades along, they are sharp and they can pose threat for you if you are not focused enough on your job.
  • While cleaning it, you have to be careful with each part because if you lose any of the essential parts of the product, the product may end up being of no use.
  • Though this hand blender is designed with dishwasher safety panels, still there are chances that it will get harmed while being cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Get the product dried properly after wash, or else there are chances of short circuits.


Barring the above mentioned problems, this hand blender is completely safe for use. Anyone of any age can use it freely. If you are wondering whether or not you should buy this product then the answer should be a yes, you must buy this hand blender. It is user friendly and all of the functions and how to handle it is clearly described here for the easy comprehension of the users and new beginners.

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