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A mandoline slicer is a small kitchen tool that’s used to cut, dice, julienne or slice food such as cabbages, carrots, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, radishes and other vegetables into thin and even slices for food preparation quickly without using much effort and requiring special skills. A mandoline slicer consists of a height-adjustable frame which holds the food as well as guide it towards the razor-sharp blades of different heights to yield food of different slice thickness easily. A mandoline slicer may include several different attachments and inserts such a vertical blade to julienne food or a wavy blade to make crinkle cuts. For safety purposes, a mandoline slicer also comes with a safety guard to protect the fingers from accidental slicing.


Top 3 Best Mandoline Slicers

Swissmar Borner V-1001 Mandoline Slicer Reviews

There are so many products available in the market, which are especially launched to bring ease in your daily life style. The kitchen tools are one of them. There are so many kitchen tools that come up with several kinds of designs, styles, materials etc. the Swissmar Borner v-slicer is the awesome kitchen tool, which has brought so many ripples around the whole world, with its inception in the market. The Swissmar Borner is especially known as that world famous brand line in the whole world that has been providing several numbers of kitchen tools, products and many other things as well with great ease. Well, among all other famous kitchen tools, the Swismar Borner V-1001 Mandoline Slicer is the most amazing one, that has got introduced to the world since a very little time back. Since, its arrival it has been booming the world market with great zeal. The Swissmar Borner V-1001 Mandoline slicer is the latest wow addition to the never ending list of kitchen essentials. Well there are numerous of features of the product which own the capacity to cut a dash within a blink of an eye. Though the market is now filled with numerous numbers of kitchen items or tools at this moment, but still it’s pretty hard to find out the best one from the heap of the kitchen items. The advent of the brand new Swissmar Borner V- slicer has though ease up the job to great extent. Most probably, amongst all the ultimate kitchen tools, slicer is one of those which you need the most. This is simply impossible for you to just get along without it.

The Swissmar Borner V-1001 Mandoline slicer is designed in Germany with the application of superior quality plastics and the first class surgical grade steel. Hence, automatically, it turns into a highly durable as well as high quality device. Of course such better quality materials not only improve the manufacturing of the product but at the same time it has brought lots of ease in the customers’ lives. The products are comprised of six pieces, which simply enhances the productivity of the original Borner V-1001 Slicer. Apart from all these, there you will get an ergonomic handle, a couple of locking blade which is simply meant for providing the better slices. The food holder and the tiny storage package if the slicer are other two important features of the slicer, which can easily compete with any other traditional or contemporary market product with a drop of a dime. The slicer is capable of slicing, chopping, dicing, shredding any sort of fruit or vegetable with a surprising ease that any other slicer can hardly afford. The tool is extremely easy to handle or operate, hence anyone can use it hassle freely and get the best out of it. Even the product assures to end up with providing you a very professional service at slicing down the veggies. Your vegetables as well as vegetables will be uniformly chopped and sliced down with the perfect service of it. The unique kind of blade configuration deducts the amounts of efforts that one requires to cut or shred or slice down the veggies. The razor sharp blades of the machine even enhance the efficiency of it and ease up the whole work to great extent.


Since it’s made up and constructed in German, with better materials, it will be super easy to use. The longevity of it will be ensured.

Incredibly pointed, but also positioned blades are at the perfect angles. It deducts the sticking tendency and brings improvement in accuracy of it.

Appropriate to hang it on the wall, or to mount it inside a little cabinet door or just to place it upright on the counter of the kitchen.

This is such a tool that can take care of numerous jobs with the same force and precision. Dice, slice, chop, shred and so on can be done within a blink of an eye.

Since it couldn’t get that much sharper; it’s highly safe for frequent use.


  • It can cut the thick pieces of any fruit.
  • Slice down any veggie with ease.
  • Cut down the veggies which are excellent for making the chips and waffles etc.
  • Shred the coarse skinned vegetable such as the cabbage or lettuce with ease.
  • With the slicer, it’s no longer a difficult job to Create Asian-style vegetable dishes.
  • Non sticky.
  • Super powerful and sharp ended blades.
  • Dice things with no hassle.
  • Chop finely even the hard vegetables or the fruits.
  • Easy to clean.


  • If you are in hurry while dicing or chopping the vegetables try to slow down a bit. Otherwise you might get cut with the sharpened blades.


This is the time when you should stop slicing vegetables by hand. With it, make it faster, safer and easier. It’s the most precious alternative to any high end professional stainless slicers, but its guarantee that you will get the identical result for sure. It’s no longer a big deal for anyone to prep any food item. Its Superior construction and especially designed, razor sharp blades turn the tool into an user friendly one and ensure that it will fasten up over the years that are coming forth. With its multiple cutting inserts, uniquely sharpened blades you’ll get to have the perfect slices and dices as well as the perfectly shaped julienne sticks every moment. Any vegetable or fruit can be cut with a very little effort since the blades are extremely sharp. The Soft stuffs won’t get stuck and the hard veggies won’t be able to slip down. Apply this even in pressure still you will get perfectly chopped pieces with ease. If you are looking for a really good product to buy, then the Swissmar Borner V-slicer can be the best buy for you.

Norpro 306 Mandoline Slicer Reviews

A good kitchen corner is literally incomplete without the proper numbers of utensils and sufficient amount of kitchen appliances. There are thousands of kitchen products are largely available in the whole world which are considered as the b4est fellows of the cook, housewives or anyone who tends to cook several kinds of foods at her kitchen. The slicer is just one of them. A slicer is needed to slice down the hard vegetables such as the carrot, potato etc. though, traditionally the sharp ended knives are used to cut off or slice down the vegetables, but with the inception of the new age technology the work load has been deducted to great extent. The Norpro 306 Mandoline Slicer is just such a kitchen item, which can really work well and help you to cook your favorite dish with uttermost ease at a drop of a dime.
There are numerous numbers of kitchen items are largely available in the market though, but as far the productivity range of them are concerned; the Norpro 306 mandolin slicer is the best one which will never disappoint its user. Rather, it will go to any limit to bring ease in the kitchen. The slicer is extremely user friendly that enable anyone to handle it with surprising ease. Even if you are a novice, the Norpro 306 slicer will lead you to provide the best shaped and sliced vegetables within a couple of minutes. Most importantly, the slicer can also be used to grate or shred up the vegetables as well as to make juice of them. The five stainless blades of the slicer enable to slice down even the hardest vegetable with ease. Apart from these features there are millions of other features about the product as well, which will definitely make you to get set for bagging this product with no delay. Have a look at the following which contains the precised description of the features, parts, pros, cons of it. Have a look-


This is the most amazing and the most uncommon feature about the product is that it is meant to not to just slice down the vegetables in proper slices, but it is equally capable of making juice of the vegetables, shredding or grating them in finely chopped pieces, which any other high end slicer can hardly offer. Sometimes this becomes an extremely tedious task to arrange vegetables, and then delve into the hard task of cutting them into finely chopped slices. Often buying individual utensils for doing the individual tasks such as shredding, cutting, slicing etc become literally unfeasible one.

To keep all such points at mind, the Norpro has invented this brand new slicer, which will not only slice down the vegetables into proper shape, but it will equally help in shredding or grating things as well. There are numbers of high end slicers are available in the current market. But you can hardly get such an amazing one, which will equally provide fantastic service of slicing things, and grating or shredding them up into good pieces. The slicer comes along with five stainless steel blades which are included especially to create the finest quality of vegetable slices. Its nit a difficult task to get the finest wedge or waffle cut of the vegetables from the machine. The machined is equally expert in making the fry or julienne cuts of several kinds of vegetables. Hence, this won’t be any trouble for anyone to get the vegetable slices at different shapes and sizes with the help of this amazing addition of the Norpro collection.

Now come to the five stainless steel blade facility of the slicer. This unique feature is added just to allow its users to get a good quality of and variety of shredding and slicing options. This woe addition to the slicer have made it really easier for its users to shred off or slice down any vegetable to cook their favorite foods. On the other hand, the safety holder of it can be also used as a citrus juicer as well. Such functionaries are not only pretty much rare to find out profoundly, but these unique features altogether make the slice extremely useful for all kitchen purposes that a cook always looks for. The legs of the juicer are foldable. Hence they are easy to store at any portion of your kitchen without any hassle. Just for the sake of the cooks or the users of the slicer, the Norpro has added so many features in just a single tiny machine that enable the users of it to get the best result every time.


  • The Slicer is capable of not only slicing down the vegetable in some fine quality slices of pieces, but it can equally shred or grate several types of vegetables into finely chopped pieces. This is the most unique quality of this slicer that it have such several options in it, that makes it greatly easier for its users to use it just the way they want to use it.
  • Five stainless blades are the other unique feature of the slicer that makes it very much easier for its users to slice down the vegetables with ease. The sharp ends of the blades are just the most superb features of it, which allows the user to cut off the very coarse vegetables into finely chopped pieces.
  • Extremely cheap in cost that makes the product affordable to all.


  • Well, the main con about the slicer is that if you are in too much hurry then you have got to be a little cautious while you use it, so that you don’t get cut anyways.


There are varieties of mandoline slicers in the market. But to pick up the best one from the heap of lots of products is the most important of course. The Norpro 306 mandolin slicer is just one of such which will not only bring ease at your kitchen but it will eventually lead you to live a better life.

OXO Good Grips 1155700 Mandoline Slicer Reviews

There are millions of kitchen products largely available in the current market. One of the most desired products are of course the kitchen products or the utensils, since the kitchen utensils are the only source that can end up with making good quality food. Amongst all such tremendously essential stuffs the slicers are one if the most important items, since they are used to do the most essential job at the kitchen and that are to prepare vegetables before making any dish. Sometimes, it might be impossible for you to head for any good restaurant for eating out. Often, you may demand to savor the amazing taste of the mouthwatering foods sitting right at your home. But it’s definitely a tiresome job to slice down the vegetables or shred them into the finely chopped pieces just the way the street side food court owners do. Hence the best way out is of course to head for a high end and good quality slicer that will eventually help you to make all those dishes that you want to enjoy sitting right at your own place If you are not so much aware of the features or the specifications of this one, you have got to delve deep into the following precision, where each quality of the product is précised in a beautifully arranged way. Have a look-


The OXO Good Grips 1155700 Mandoline Slicer comes in a very pretty and catchy packaging including the sharp ended four blades, a super usable knob, food holder that secures food etc within a very affordable cost rate. Though there are several numbers of slicers are widely available in the current market, but since all the high end products do not come up with the guarantee to provide the best productivity, it’s a little baffling task to buy the best quality slicer from the market. The OXO have though eased up the job of picking the good slicer easier to some extent, since it has launched millions of kitchen utensils in variety if cost ranges as well as productivity ranges. Here are some unique features of the particular product-

The machine comes with a super edgy, four blades, which enable one to get any kinds or size or amount of vegetable slices within a blink of an eye. The four blades are especially included to the machine, since they will automatically allow its user to make any desirable design or cut or shape for the vegetable that they way to slice down into chopped pieces. It includes several shapes of the vegetable slices such as the wavy, straight, julienne, French fry etc. such numerous numbers of cuts and shapes of the vegetables will not only help you to make any of your favorite dish with no sweat, but eventually deduct the amount of work load that you supposed to apply if you would have gone for the stainless choppers. Tough people with the traditional ideas still would prefer to get their job done with the help of the stainless choppers, but the people who find it really tedious job to cut off vegetables into good slices , this machine is planned just for that.

The slicer uses probably the sharpest blades since it tends to slice down even the coarsest vegetables into finest chopped pieces. And on the other hand, there is one more advantage of using the sharpest blades and such sharpened blades enable this for the users to get any shape or slice for any sort of vegetable with no sweat.

There are so many slicers which sometimes make it little difficult for the users to protect the blades from the stickiness of the cut vegetables. In case of the OXO slicer, the product especially comes with an amazing kind of cutaway channel that stops the blade of the slicer to get protected from the unwanted stickiness. This makes the job of slicing down the vegetables into fine pieces much easier than ever. On the other hand, the cutaway channels enable the vegetables to get cut into several numbers of fine pieces that any other new age slicer can hardly provide.

The knob of the slicer is the other amazing feature of this product that makes it super easy for the user of it to handle it with uttermost ease. The knob is highly adjustable; hence even a novice person finds no difficulty to operate it.

Non-slip feet is the another wow addition to the product that increases the safety for the user of it, so that no cuts hurl on anybody’s way.


  • The inclusion of four, fine quality blades to the product has turned it the most user friendly one, since one can get several kinds of vegetable slices with the help of it.
  • The hard end steel blades remain sharp even after a long term frequent use of them.
  • The Cutaway channels stops the food from getting stuck to board.
  • The handle is soft as well as highly comfortable.
  • Super thick knob is the complementary addition to this.
  • The food holder is there to secure the food as well as the fingers from getting cut by the sharpened blades.
  • The Non-slip feet are added for inducing extra safety.
  • The Hand wash cutting blades are just the fabulous idea that enhances the efficiency of the slicer.
  • The brand line is providing a guarantee about the longevity of the slicer. Otherwise the product can be returned to the retailer.


  • Even if you are in hurry, try to use it with ease.


The world class brand OXO good grips have come up with their latest launch the OXO good grips 1155700 Mandoline slicer, that have created a strong ripple since its inception in the market. There are so many features about the product, which will just make you to buy it anyways. The OXO good grips 1155700 Slicer comes along with several facilities that will turn you go gaga over your buy.

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