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Best Meat Slicer

If you are looking for the best meat slicer, you have come to the right place. Please read our meat slicer reviews to know more.

A meat slicer, also called a deli slicer or food slicer, is a kitchen appliance that’s used to create thin and even slices of various types of food such as bread, cheese, chicken, eggs, meat etc. usually for use in making sandwiches for breakfast or lunch instead of manually slicing them individually with a kitchen knife. Meat slicers are usually of the electric type. An electric meat slicer incorporates a powerful motor developed to offer continuous and trouble-free operation for many years and comes equipped with between 6.5″ to 10″ blade (usually of stainless steel, some surgical-grade for precision) that moves back and forth across the food so slicing any hard or soft food such as bread, chicken, ginger, potato, roast beef etc. can be done in a precise way without damaging the blade in the long run. For added flexibility, a meat slicer includes thickness adjustment knob so whether you want thin slices or slightly thicker slices for meals, all is available at your disposable. Although electric meat slicers come in many shapes and sizes, the better ones appear to have extra-large, full-retractable food carriage to accommodate large-sized food items for time saving purposes as well as incorporate many safety features such as automatic on/off pressure-sensing load switch, double switch system and hidden childproof switch.


Top 3 Best Meat Slicers

Chef’s Choice 615 Electric Food Slicer Reviews

There are so many important products available in the world wide market, which are extremely important to stay under a same roof where you are planning to reside forever. Well, among all other important things that you have got to swear by some specifically sorted stuffs which you just can’t breathe without. The Chef’s Choice 615 Electric Food Slicer is one of them, which almost every home makers need in order to bring lots of ease at their kitchen corners. Though, there are millions of brand line are providing several kinds of food equipment and they work really good, but when it comes to pick up the best item from the heap of the kitchen items, nothing can come close to the products from the chef’s choice . Chef’s choice is not only the best kitchen brand line in the while world, but it tends to provide products of all ranges so that everyone from every corner of the entire world can easily bag them. The chef’s choice 615 electric food slicer is the; latest addition to the never ending list of kitchen equipment which have literally created a string ripple after its arrival in the market. There are so many wow features about the particular product, which will simply give a strong competition to any other conventional brand line and it will eventually set all other products of any other brand line to lag far behind in this long row. Have a look-


The Chef’s Choice 615 Electric Food Slicer is just the best solution for the home cooks, who are really keen to be extremely creative at their kitchen corners. This is simply the precursor that allows one to do lots of innovations at her kitchen corner with uttermost ease. There are some certain unique feature about the slicer which automatically includes the chances of making extremely cost-effective meal preparations with a blink of an eye, have the more fresh sliced food items and having poignant control over the preparations that are being made up.

This food slicer is extremely elegant one which emphasizes on providing much more efficiency, poignancy, productivity to great extent. this induces the smooth action at slicing down the vegetables .teamed up along with a precision thickness control facility as well as seven inches stainless blade , that turns the machine to work even smoother and eventually this eases up the job of the user or the cook to a great extent.

It comes with the high quality aluminum and stainless steel structured components which turn this one the most efficient food slicer in the present market. Apart from this, It owns a super powerful, cool-running and high-torque, electric motor which simply makes it eligible for frequent use. This enables it to provide more finely chopped vegetable slices at a drop of a dime.


  • The food slicer is extremely affordable in cost.
  • The particular food slice is highly versatile. This extremely rugged slicer, that features almost all sorts of structural components which are mainly made up of the high end aluminum and stainless steel, which have turned out this one an amazing tool for the kitchen activities.
  • There are seven, multi-purpose stainless steel blades found in the slicer which allows it to provide a wide array of foods slices from all sorts of vegetables.
  • This slicer is especially designed such a way, that it’s highly eligible for frequent washes. The blade, the food carriages, the food deflector and of course the food pusher- each and every component about the slicer are easily removable as well as washable.
  • There are some certain Special buttons to be found in the slicer, what are there to secure the food carriage when it’s in locked position. Apart from this, this particular feature helps the blades to get accessed with surprising ease by the users of it.
  • The slicer comes along within a warranty of one year, which is more than en enough.


  • Since the product owns super sharp end stainless blades, one need to be a little cautious while using it. One should not make hurry while using it at the moment of hurry. The reckless use of the slice may end up the whole job with cuts and bleeds.


This is true that there is not any single biggest drawback that one can find out while using the particular slicer. There are some many features found in the slicer that really makes it the apple of the buyers’ eyes. The stainless blades, the food carriages, the affordable rate etc have really turned it into the product of the decade. This slicer, unlike any other good brand slicers comes in a very cheap cost rate, which is simply awesome. This enables almost all to buy it with greater ease. There is no trouble found out, while operating this slicer. Even if, the user is a novice will hardly find a single hassle while slicing down the hard vegetables. The very own manual of it, states that it’s the best slicer in the whole world that owns the utmost capacity to slice down meat chilled with great ease.,

The best thing about it, that maximum reviewers from all around the world, states about Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer, is that it allows its users to get almost all the important frictionless operation what a really high end slicer supposed to include. According to them, there is no other brand line in the whole world, which is as capable and powerful as the chef’s choice slicer can afford. The Chef’s Choice 615 slicer also comes to be just the one, which is of course a better built product, which comes along with more metallic components and lesser plastic, and hence it’s the best one when it comes to slice down even the hardest vegetables down. But this product comes in a really cheap cost rate. Hence, this has become extremely affordable one. This New Year if you want t bag a really good slicer for your kitchen, you can buy this with no hesitation.

Continental PS77711 Deli Slicer Reviews

Food slicer has a great value in the life of the cook or household maintainers. It is easy to use and it is very useful. Among many food slicers manufacturing companies around, it has become very confusing for the users to choose the best out of the rest. Among the best food slicers and its manufacturing companies, Continentals has the best range of slicers. They have very recently introduced in the market a new technologically advanced food slicer. And the name of that product is Continental PS77711 Deli Slicer. The regular users of slicers, those who feel the utter need of slicer in their kitchen have appreciated about this product a lot.


Positive reviews are coming in flood. This slicer is a great friend of yours to have in your kitchen. It has been acknowledged by all that the slicer is programmed to deliver a very smooth and perfect result. The features that are required for the building up good food slicers, all of them are included here. Let us make a chart on the features of the particular product:

It is built up with heavy cast iron. The motor that is used to conduct the function requires 150 watts of electrical power. Blades are of 7.5 inches in size, and it is considered to be the perfect size for perfect cutting of foods. Body of the product is made with aluminum and steel. The alloy of aluminum and steel make a unique housing material for the slicer. It is totally rust proof. Adjustable thickness system is provided along with it.

The surface of this slicer is stainless, even after several use of it, there are no stain left on the surface of the slicer. The feet of Deli Slicer are non-slip which is considered to be a safe thing for the daily users. The blades are removable. At the time of cleaning, removing the blades is quite an east task to do. Smooth gliding system is included with the system. The slicer is an accumulation of different parts. Those parts can be removed during wash.


With those above mentioned features, any slicer is bound to provide the users with quality result and so do the Deli Slicer machine. The best thing about the slicer is that it is quite a user friendly product. Anyone can learn the way how to handle it. A manual is always provided along with the slicer. Even a new beginner can easily understand the process of using it. Let us focus on the pros of the Deli Slicer.

  • The size of the blades is perfect enough for having a perfect cutting. This all new product has already grabbed the attention of all just because of the perfect slicing size and acute shape of it. Blades are sharp and removable too. Removable blades come with some certain advantages at the time of every clean up. During the operation some amount of wastage gets stores up in the slicer and that is the reason a good cleaning is needed.
  • The feet of this product are non-slip. During the operation, it has often been reported that the users have found their previous slicers move and they sometimes would end up having to bad cuts on their hands. Manufacturer of Deli slicer product has the understanding of the painful experience and that is the reason they had taken the step to set up feet that are completely non-slip and so is safe for the users to use.
  • Non-sticky surface is an added advantage for sure. After several use of the deli slicers, there are some leftover sit on the surface. And there are times when it becomes impossible to remove them all. For this reason, technicians made a scheme to create something like this. And the result is in front of the whole world. For this slicer being so easy to handle and non-sticky, this has secured a place for itself among the top products of recent years.
  • For the housing of this slicer is created with aluminum and steel, this is completely rust proof and long lasting. Even there is a good proportion of iron is added to give sturdiness to the body of the product. It can resist any harm from the outside. May it fall on the ground from a height or may it face any kind of strong force, nothing literally harms the normal function of the slicer or spoils the outer structure.
  • The thickness of the slices of food can be maintained. Which slice will be thicker or which will be a bit thinner can be determined manually. After the set up is done, you can easily start the operation of slicing your foods. The slices that will come out of the slicer will exactly be of the shape that you want.


Do not get carried away with the list of advantages or facilities that are generally provided by the product, Deli slicer. Now it is the high time to warn you about the cons of this product. Though there are not so many bad sides of it, still, since there is not a single thing on the surface of the world that does not with a bad side. To be on safe is not a bad idea at all. It falls under the category of duty to warn you against some little facts, or better to say to remind you about the most common thing that we frequently forget.

  • Pay full attention while you are using this product, or else you may face disaster like bad wounds or deep cuts.
  • While using this slicer, you are using electricity so try to avoid touch the plugs and wires with wet hands.
  • Do not leave the slicer plugged in with electricity when you are not around.
  • Keep it away from the reach of children and pets.


The cons can totally be avoided. If you are concerned enough then no problem or difficulty will come around. You can buy it and with the help of it, you can make the best of slicing up procedure. Buy it and say bye to all the unnecessary hassles you often face during the slicing of foods.

Weston 61-0901-W Food Slicer Reviews

It does not take much effort creating meat slices for making sandwiches with the Weston 61-0901-W Food Slicer that does it with ruthless precision. It incorporates a heavy-duty rugged motor that’s unbelievably quiet when in use and comes with high-quality, razor-sharp 8 5/8″ stainless steel blade for precise slicing of cheese, meat, vegetables and more rather effortlessly. Comes with adjustable thickness control that enables slicing food items into deli-thin, 1/2″ or anything in between slices that’s to be used in making delicious sandwiches. The Weston 61-0901-W meat slicer comes with large food carriage that makes for easier accommodation of large-sized meats, cheese or bread for slicing and extra-large stainless steel tray for catching released food slices in a more hygienic way. For added stability, the sturdy base with suction cup feet makes operation precise and convenient. Blade, food carriage and tray are all removable for simpler handwashing to maintain lifespan. Housed in stainless steel and aluminum combination for strength with compact design to enable easier storage and movement, the Weston 61-0901-W meat slicer brings commercial slicing to homes.


Like all other products, this product too has some specific features for that this has become so popular among users instantly. So many features and facilities have helped this product to make it to the top listed products of the recent years.

Compact design is made for an easy storage in this product. Compact designing is not a common feature in all other similar products. Maybe that is why product is so welcomed in every household there.

High quality rotary blade for precision slicing is added with this product. Without it, it could end up being just an ordinary product like others.

Quite running motor are so lucrative a feature. Use it as much as you want but unlike your other previous slicers you have used, this slicer machine will be functioning silently.

This slicer is made with steel coat that resists corrosion. And lasts for a longer period of time.

Aluminum housing is its specialty. Since this product is safely housed with aluminum plates, it can resist rust. For this reason the durability increases automatically.

This slicer comes with a sturdy base. Slicers have a little risk to handle. For this reason, the base of the product demands to be a sturdy one. Thanks to the manufactures that care about this side and consider a comparative tough base than other general slicer product.

Suction cup is attached with the food slicer for a stable and safe operation. Slicing food is a matter of risk. There are chances when you can get cuts and wounds on your hands. To make the whole process a bit easier, attachment of a suction cup is required and so it is with this product.

Stainless steel is used for housing material as well. Not only aluminum but the housing material is also included with steel. The steel that is used is a higher quality material and for this, no stain is left over after the use of this product.

Blades are made with steel that is stain proofed because they are made with stainless steel.

The overall height of the product is 14 inches

Number of piece is one at a time of each use. The slicing process is a smooth one and since the number of piece is one, there are less chances of hassle faced by the user.


Now let us draw your attention to the basic advantages that this product is capable to providing. With so many features included along, this product is completely bound to deliver a quick, easy and comfortable result. It is consisted of all of the important and inevitable parts that a good food slicer requires to feature into it.

  • There is a food pusher attached with teeth for controlling the slicing process. It is needless to say that controlling is required for the making of a good food slicer. Because there is a pusher with teeth attached the whole business has become so easy and faster.
  • There is another option enabled and that is adjustable thickness control process. During the slicing phase, you need to slice up thing according to your need. You may need a thin slice or you may need a thick ones. To adjust the thickness, there is a control panel, with the help of which, you can gain control over the thickness.
  • This product is on demand since it features a smooth gliding process. Not every food slicer product comes with this feature included. It is essential that after every slice cut off from the food, it will glide into the cup, so the gliding is of paramount importance. Smooth gliding is inevitable.
  • Unlike other products in the market, this product is programmed to delivered easy transportation. If the transportation is easy and smooth the whole slicing up business becomes accomplished with perfection.
  • The blades that are used in the food slicer, are removable. For they are removable, they are easy to clean up. Usually, the common food slicers are built up with the kind of blades that cannot be removed easily.
  • Product weight is 15 Ibs, and that is the reason it is portable. This quality makes this product so much of use. You can carry it to any corner of your house and use it.
  • It comes with a safe guard system included along. There are button for the facility to turn on and turn off the system.
  • Non-stick surface makes this product so useful. After the each use and each slicing up process, there should be some left over on the product surface but due to its non-sticky surface, nothing can sit for a longer time.
  • A manual is provided and they provide an instruction CD for the help of a beginner.


  • While you are using it, keep in mind that there are chances of your getting cuts if you hurry up without a reason. Never lose your focus and concentrate on slicing up your food carefully. On losing your concentration you may face an accident.
  • At the time of cleaning up the food slicing, be careful. Try to avoid water and soap, rather use a piece of cloth to remove the sticky things easily.


It is product you can place all your trust and faith while slicing up your food to make a delicacy. This food slicer is one of the best in the present market. Buy it and experience a whole new aura of amazement of slicing your foods smoothly.

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